L’enfant Prodigue
(The Prodigal Son)


Run Time       

Sung in          


Cantata opera

Debussy (1862-1918)

One-act opera, 40min


Lia (Mother)            Soprano

Siméon (Father)      Baritone

Azaël (Son)              Tenor

Claude Debussy was the most influential French impressionist  composer. In 1884, He composed L’enfant Prodigue in a form of  Cantata and also it had been performed as an opera since then.

At sunrise Lia (soprano) laments the absence of Azaël (tenor), her prodigal son, an outcast after leaving his home to pursue the world's pleasures. Siméon (baritone) is weary of her constant thinking of Azaël. After the appearance and dance of young villagers, Azaël enters, and is joyfully reunited with his mother. She urges Siméon to forgive and welcome him home which he does, calling for a feast of celebration and singing praises to God.

L’enfant prodigue is one-act opera which has a motive of a prodigal son from the Bible.

Concert Schedule
June 9, 2019     New Covenant Reformed Church, Oradell, NJ


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