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2017 Heidelberg, Germany DAY 1-2

After a 9 hour flight, we finally arrived at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. We then took a bus to Heidelberg where we checked at our hotel Goldener Hecht. We then had free time to walk through Hauptstraße in Heidelberg City. We were greeted by restaurants, souvenir boutiques, and dessert shops.

2017 Heidelberg, Germany DAY 3

Today we finally got to meet the German students of St. Raphael Gymnasium! We rehearsed at their school with Maestro Puter Hübel until lunch when we ate pizza with our new German friends. We rehearsed American favorites like Anderson’s Fiddle Faddle. Afterwards, we went on our first Mission Tour Series where we visited the ruins of Heidelberg Castle. We then went on our second Mission Tour Series where we followed Schumann's footsteps through Heidelberg.

2017 Heidelberg, Germany DAY 4

Today, after rehearsal at St. Raphael Gymnasium, we shuttled to Schloss Schwetzingen where we toured the beautiful garden and palace. When we got back to the hotel, we had a private sectional session and were given free time to tour the rest of Old Heidelberg.

2017 Heidelberg, Germany DAY 5

After another 4 hour rehearsal at St. Raphael Gymnasium, we prepared for our first concert at Johannes Church. We performed classics like Glinka’s Ruslan and Ludmilla, Beauty and the Beast, Brahms’ Motet, as well as concertos by Glazunov and Mozart.

2017 Heidelberg, Germany DAY 6

This morning, we had a wonderful street performance on TheatreStraße in Bismarkplatz, where we collected good money! Then in the afternoon, we performed for the students and parents of St. Raphael School.

2017 Heidelberg, Germany DAY 7

Today is our last day. We took a shuttle to Baden-Baden where we had our final concert at the Kurhaus Park Konzertmuschel where Johann Strauss Jr. had performed more than 100 years ago. What an honor! It was definitely an emotional day for all of us, leaving our memories and new German peers behind. 
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