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Ian likes to play tennis, soccer, and basketball. He was born healthy; we only went to the doctor for regular checkups. However everything changed in November of 2018...


It was around Halloween. He was sweating profusely but did not have a fever. He got a fever a few days later, so I brought him to see a doctor and was told that it was just a common virus that would die down soon. A second opinion from another doctor said the same. However, his fever persisted. His fever went down after taking antibiotics, and he seemed to be okay for a few days, but his fever came back. I made an appointment with another doctor, and he told us that his liver and spleen were enlarged, and we were sent to the emergency room. As soon as we arrived, several tests were performed on him (a blood test and a computerized tomography). Our doctor diagnosed him with leukemia. I still remember the moment; it was the most devastating moment of my life, and I did not know what to do.


Ian’s treatment consists of an intensive chemotherapy followed by maintenance chemotherapy, and it is anticipated to take over 3 ½ years. Ian was doing well at first, but he often has a hard time with the amount of chemo medications he has to take. As of now, Ian has about 5-6 more months left of intensive chemotherapy. Once it is over, he can attend school again and start limited physical activity. It has been extremely difficult time for Ian and my family both physically and mentally, but I am sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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