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Meet the superhero

Maison Choe 

meeting maison
January 30, 2017
On January 30th, the Camerata family had the privilege to meet Maison. He was so small and delicate, but his smile shed light on our hearts. We couldn’t resist but help him through his journey.
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May 6, 2017
On May 6th, Camerata had its first fundraising event for Maison. It was a joint effort of Camerata’s Men’s Choir, Youth Choir, Youth Philharmonic and Sinfonia. People from all over the county were there, and we were able to raise more than $1000 that day.
June 24, 2017
On June 24th, Camerata hosted a Walk-A-Thon at Rockland Lake State Park in New Jersey. We sold baked goods to help raise money for Maison and the sunny afternoon was filled with face painting, food, and laughter. Maison was able to take home a get-well-soon poster that the youth orchestras and choir made together for him. 
December 16, 2017
On December 16, Camerata threw a holiday party for Maison. The party was opened by The Men's Choir, Youth Choir, Youth Philharmonic, and Youth Sinfonia all joining together to sing for Maison. A heartfelt montage of Maison's happiest moments was shown to conclude the party, after a joyful night of Christmas music and smiles. Maison went home with a gift from Camerata: a encouragement tree with messages from Camerata's very own members.
February 24, 2019

A message to Camerata from Johann's family 

Johan has healthily and successfully completed his 26 months of chemotherapy treatment :) Looking back, I could have had a difficult time, but I felt God’s presence in every moment and his strong hand guiding us. Hallelujah! Our gratitude and praise will never cease to exist.


There were many dark moments for our family, but we are so thankful that Camerata has helped from the beginning through prayers and music. Camerata was such a huge source of comfort that gave us the strength to keep going.


Now, Johann is on his way to monthly check ups for different tests and recurrence of the aftermath of cancer during the rest of the day. Please pray that the Lord’s healing power will continue to stay with us and protect us until the end.

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